Dusseldorf also has just about every type of museum that depends on what you are attracted in. you will find historical, art, film and other kinds of museums scattered all around the city. The international museum known as Kunstsmmlung Nordrehein-Westfalen is basically 2 different establishments, they are the K20 Kunstsammlung and K21 Kunstsammlung. These two establishments here are both world renowned and sought after for its exception and super collections of contemporary international art. In fact, the K20 has situated at 5 Grabbeplatz as well as the houses of the 20th century. This building has a wonderful collection of works made by Paul Klee and some individual pieces by Beuys and Picasso. On the other hand, the K21 offers international art coming from the year 1980 onwards. The very sophisticated K21 bar is well worth a visit.