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Travel Guide To Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf attractions

Dusseldorf attractions


There are around 600,000 people living in the city of Dusseldorf. The population of the city in daytime increases during the work days by 200,000 more when commuters pop in and out of the city. This Greater Dusseldorf’s closer agglomeration reaches a count of 2 and half million inhabitants, giving it roughly the size of Seattle Metro, Baltimore Metro, or Greater Manchester. There are 1/3 of homes with single households, an average balance of families and singles in Germany. More than 15% of the population of the city is comprised of foreigners. The educational background of the citizens is relatively high. Furthermore, about 300,000 cars are being registered in the city with commuters and locals bringing contributions to the everyday traffic jams on the main access roads. Among the busiest city streets is the Corneliusstrasse in the Bilk’s borough in Germany. More than 20 hospitals ensure that aid is swiftly provided to the residents with physical injuries or those that require caring. This city is a major center for banking, advertising, telecommunications, and consulting, and it is an essential hub for international accountancy.


Back in the days of the Roman Empire, the areas that are now known to be Dusseldorf was home to Germanic tribes. During the 7th and 8th centuries, there are small farming and fishing settlements established at the point in which the river named Dussel, meets the Rhine. During the later settlements, it has grown into a village and formed the foundations for what has later been the city of Dusseldorf. The city has been in a steady development under the control of Bergs, and by the 14th century, it constructed a market square for the purpose of official proceedings and trading. It was seen as the key step in the rise in status of the city. The trend into development continued to 16th century and it is when a castle built by Duke William became one of the defining events of this era of prosperity. WWII saw the city sustain some heavy damage under the weight of air raids in 20th century, but there are restoration projects that returned the greatest buildings to its original glory. These days, Dusseldorf is a thriving commercial center benefiting not only from many big corporations but also from the yearly trade fair known to be the Messe, which has been a great help in making it a successful international business player.


In the region around Dusseldorf, there are lots of other cities that you can explore, and drop by for some shopping or gathering of new impressions. After all, it has been the most densely populated area in Germany and visiting one of the other large cities nearby can be quite rewarding. No matter if you are traveling by train or by car, there is definitely lots of beautiful places around Dusseldorf.
  • Dortmund:

    You will have to 25 kilometers further East from the Essen and arrive in Westphalia to be in Dortmund. It is an eastern boundary of Ruhr Area and a place for visiting some medieal churches, and the home of Borussia Dortmund – one of the most popular football clubs. The city has grown dramatically during the industrial boom of steel and coal but it never lost some of the beauty and charm.
  • Ruhr Meeting:

    It is a worldwide industry, which is consistently searching for the right destination. The amazing Ruhr Metropolis is a short distance from Dusseldorf’s state capital, which is a huge player that offers unlimited opportunities and locations.
  • Essen:

    This is the core city of the Ruhr Metropolis and it is also the European Capital of Culture in year 2010. It was the German heavy Industry’s powerhouse, which managed the economic change to the service sector. The city has remained as one of the largest in Germany, gaining a reputation for its outstanding shopping facilities. You will not find too many historical buildings standing today but the synagogue and abbey are among the exceptional premises in the city center.
  • Cologne:

    This is the fourth largest city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. You can find a big city feeling here, which is only 40 km away from Dusseldorf. Its most popular landmark is the Cathedra – houses the relicts of the 3 Magi, and has become a World Heritage site in year 1996. The other sights in this city includes the Roman Germanic Museum, the 12 Romanesque churches, and the Chocolate Museum. It has a great nightlife and many tolerant attitudes.
Other places to go nearby Dusseldorf:
  • Bochum
  • Duisburg
  • Breuninger
  • And others

Dusseldorf Map


Dusseldorf is no doubt a place of art and fashion. This old democratic capital is also a city of big and wide streets lined by classy shops, along with a ring of gardens and parks surrounding it vibrant and active downtown area.
  • Nordpark’s Japanese Garden

Being one of the most famous parks in Dusseldorf, Nordpark is an amazing place to discover and explore. Countless wide pathways crisscross the park within its spacious themed and lawn gardens that includes the wonderful Lily Garden. Some of the highlights of this park are its Japanese Garden and Horse-Tamers statue, the astonishing selection of landscapes and the latter presented to the city by the Japanese community in Dusseldorf.
  • Rhine Tower

Rhine Tower is a grand tower, which is known to be the tallest structure within the city. The observation deck provides a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside and the city itself. The tower has the ability to rotate full-360 degrees each hour to provide a perfect panoramic view. Further, a fine dining restaurant and casual eatery are also seen in the top portion of the tower. Lichtzeitpegel, the wonderful light sculpture on the shaft of the tower, also runs as a clock and is known to be the biggest digital clock in the world.
  • Kunstsammlung Nordrein-Westfalen

Did you know that three different buildings include in this art attraction? A lot of priceless works of art are included in the buildings. Some of the collections included are the works made by the famous Piet Mondrain, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and other American artists as well along with their different artworks featured too.
  • The Altstadt Dusseldorf

This is recognized as the old town section of Dusseldorf. The area is known for its several nightclubs and bars. Historical highlights of this district include the old city hall and the Basilica St. Lambertus. In addition, a shipping museum is situated within the Schlossturm. You will find there the most iconic destinations sites where an equestrian statue showing Jan Welling, who is a popular German nobleman who lives in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • Kaiserswerth

Included in the city in the year 1929, this destination is one of the oldest and noblest neighborhoods and a great place to explore because of its different old buildings as well as the picture perfect sites on the Rhine. Tracing its own roots back in the 13th century is the wonderful Church of St. Suitbertus, known for its wonderful shrine of the saint. Even though most it is composed of mostly ruins, still the scale of the site is wonderful.
  • Botanischer Garten Dusseldorf

In case you didn’t know yet, the University of Dusseldorf keeps this famous botanical garden. The garden offers nearly 6,000 different types of plant life, which includes carnivorous plants, pine trees, and even wildflowers. The greenhouse of the garden contains a wide selection of plant life from the region of Mediterranean, South Africa, and the Canary Islands. A lot of flowers and gardens also come from countries like New Zealand, Australia, and North America.
Duesseldorf points of interest

Duesseldorf points of interest

Duesseldorf points of interest

Dusseldorf is an exuberant and wealthy city, a melting pot of countless cultures and home to some of the most amazing views and sights in Germany. When planning to vacation in this great city, you’ll be spoilt for option as far as exciting and fun things to do are concerned.

Stay at the ancient Breidenbacher Hof

If you are one of those people who is planning to stay in this lively city, stay at the beautiful 5-sta hotel at Breidenbacher Hof owned by the Pearl of Kuwait Real Estate Company. This building is situated right in the center of Konigsalle. You will find everything here from soft pillows, plush beds, complimentary minibar, and exclusive and classy service. A personal assistant is offered to you to accompany guests through playing board games, shopping, and more.

Go Shopping at Konigsalle

Did you know that Dusseldorf has wonderful shopping markets that range from charming boutiques scattered along the major city boulevard and fantastic department stores along with something for everybody? Konigsalle is recognized for its locally exclusive and beautiful part of the city. There’s a canal dividing the wonderful boulevard as well as leafy trees that grow either side of the waterway. This place has a lot of supply of shops and gigantic department stores on both sides of the canal. On the other hand, if your budget is tight and does not quite stretch to Chanel and Gucci, don’t lose hope, as you will find a lot of small pavements cafes wherein you can stop by.

Get some “alt bier” in Alstadt – known as the longest bar in the world

Have you ever imagined how Germany would be without its famous beers? The Dusseldorf Old Town – Altasdt is more famous for its over 300 bars and discos than for its normal old world locations. This place is known to be “the longest bar in the world” in mention to the countless bars crammed into a small borough. In addition, if bar hopping is not your forte, then you will be amazed to know that there are several attractions within the area such as Old City Hall and the Basilica St. Lambertus.

Ride on a Boat on the Rhein

Take a break and enjoy the splendidly wonderful esplanade. During good weather, this place is packed with a lot of people enjoying their sunbathing along the Rhine or taking the sights of the entire city through a boat. If you are looking for ways on how to see Dusseldorf, riding on a boat is a perfect option. Tours are frequent and normally last for about an hour. The prices are very affordable and for a little more, you can repeat your drift time to 2 hours. You’ll be toured up and down the long river, starting from Burgplatz wherein you’ll see what relics of baroque places, beside the banks of Altstadt, and throughout the way down to the very trendy Medienhafen where sought after architects have constructed magnificent buildings.

Wander on Amazing Theatres in Dusseldorf

Did you know that the city also features various theater and operas that range from contemporary and modern plays to cabaret in those classical buildings? You can go to Deutsche Oper am Rhein. This place is located in Dusseldorf. The corporation presents in the Operhaus Dusseldorf at the same time is renowned as an opera and classical ballet company. Further, operas for kids are organized every now and then, which makes it worth checking out their schedule prior you travel to see when there’s something that attracts you.

Go to Museums

Dusseldorf also has just about every type of museum that depends on what you are attracted in. you will find historical, art, film and other kinds of museums scattered all around the city. The international museum known as Kunstsmmlung Nordrehein-Westfalen is basically 2 different establishments, they are the K20 Kunstsammlung and K21 Kunstsammlung. These two establishments here are both world renowned and sought after for its exception and super collections of contemporary international art. In fact, the K20 has situated at 5 Grabbeplatz as well as the houses of the 20th century. This building has a wonderful collection of works made by Paul Klee and some individual pieces by Beuys and Picasso. On the other hand, the K21 offers international art coming from the year 1980 onwards. The very sophisticated K21 bar is well worth a visit.

Find modernity at Neue Zollhof

For many years, more and more establishments have been rising up, which push the boundaries of contemporary architecture. This is most clearly seen in the revamped port of the city, wherein you can watch the three buildings made by Frank Gehry who is the same man behind the great Guggenheim located in Bilbao.

Discover the Zolleverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex

If you are looking for a place where you can see the amazing modern history of Germany, this is the perfect place. Located outside the neighboring town of Essen, this maze of steel and concrete structures are strangely stunning and stand as a shrine to the industrial heritage of the country. Further, this place hosts regular cultural and historical exhibitions.



When talking about shopping in Dusseldorf, Konigsallee (Ko) will inevitably be in the next breath. This leafy boulevard is very handsome, bisected by an ornamental fountains and canal, and hosts designer shops like Lacoste, Chanel, Prada, Catier, Hugo Boss, Gucci, and Joop. The Altstadt is featuring individual small local specialties and shops, which include the Berger Strasse 29, Mustard Museum and Shop, and Gerne Schokolade Chocolaterie and Café, which you can find in Burgplatz 3. You can find high quality everyday food market at Carsplatz with several gourmet items that are definitely mouth watering. Konigsallee is still drawing most shoppers, but Schdowstrasse is doing its best to challenge it, which named it the Germany’s shopping mile.
  • Shopping centers:

    There is the Stilwerk Mall at Kantstrasse 17, a temple to modern interior design. On the other hand, there is also the Schadow Arkaden Mall, which is home to more designer outlets. There is even the Carsch-Haus that occupies a splendid art building and is the top department store in Dusseldorf.
  • Markets:

    For your daily items, there is a large everyday market at Carlsplatz at the southern edge of Altstadt, which is also home to a famous Christmas market that sets up every December.
  • Souvenirs:

    There are tourist shops that sell classic Germanic souvenirs from all over the country. You may browse for anything, ranging from the Black Forest cuckoo clocks down to the ornately decorated and large beer steins. The beer steins are quite ironic because the local tipple has always been served in small measures. Dusseldorf’s symbol is Radschlager, which means a cartwheeling man. You can find it on everything, from coffee mugs to key rings.
  • Opening hours:

    The opening times of shops at Dusseldorf are generally Monday to Saturday, rom 9am to 6:30 pm. There are also late openings on every Thursday evening. You can also find shops closing early on Saturday afternoon.


Restaurants in Dusseldorf are revealing terrific quality. Wining, eating out, and partaking or dining of a fast lunch in the city can be a delight. There are many great restaurants that specialize in offering different menus while the range of available in this cosmopolitan small city is very surprising. They are offering Japanese food, which is especially good because of thousands of discerning folk from Japan who now live in the second largest community of Europe. German, Portuguese, Chinese, Lebanese, French, Korean, Spanish, and international cuisines can all be found here. They are also offering some experimental kitchens.
  • Victorian restaurant in Dusseldorf:

    Regardless of the name, there is nothing very 19th century about the innovative and modern Michelin-starred creations that are served here, although the elegant and stylish setting, replete with the starched linen has made it more classical.
  • Sila Thai:

    It is a beautifully decorated Asian restaurant, evoking a charming atmosphere of the East, even before you have sat down to eat. Those feelings of well-being are maintained easily as soon as the food arrived.
  • Nagaya:

    It is one of the first Japanese restaurants in Europe, which find itself recognized with a coveted Michelin star. While it is merged with the European influences, the superb dishes here have been given a modern artistic twist.
Other restaurants to choose from:
  • Andrej’s Oyster Bar and Restaurant
  • Sattgrun Hafen
  • Fischhaus
  • Naniwa
  • Gosch – Der Sylter Fishchkutter
  • Brauerei Zum Schiffchen
  • Many more


Dusseldorf is not only a great city but has fairs and events that are famous to both local and tourist residents. The tradeshows, fairs, and calendar events mark the height of fun and excitement at all times. The fairs make the most of the fun and enjoyment in the city

The following are some of the events and fairs that are part of the fairs calendar in Dusseldorf:

The Christmas Market

If you are looking for a right Christmas gifts for your family and friends, the Christmas market is one of the best fairs to attend. This has a set of gifts that would be perfect for any family member Thr market is jump pack with local residents and tourists who are looking for the awesome market fair for selecting the best holiday treats that are right for the education. The event happens at the midway of November and before Christmas. The Old Town is the center of the event and will open to many visitors.

The International Boat Show

With the fun and excitement pouring in, you will find many things in the boat show. This is celebrated as one of the highlights in the New Year. The event marks fun and surprises as a series of boats will be a chance to showcase different deign concepts.  The boat show will assure different sets of activities as well during the fourth week of January. The event is held in the Exhibition Centre and many guests and foreign visitors arrive to participate in the event.

The Rhemish Carnival

The gathering of local and foreign visitors is made during the annual Rhemish Carnival.With the line of splendid events, there is a reason to enjoy and have fun while you are on vacation or spending the holiday escapade with your family. Thr events are marked with exciting highlights of the Rhemish Culture. The carnival takes its full course during the fourth week of February. The event also displays the color and culture that makes this a spectacular event. The carnival is also a good way to make the most of a vacation or tour trip.

Museum Tours

Dusseldorf has also a set of museums that is visited by many tourists in different parts of the world. This is an annual tour that is done in March that has different of key destinations. The selected museums to be visited are explored and each history is told. This will make the tour or holiday adventure more fun and exciting. Each participant is expected to see over a thousand artifacts that are not only found in Dusseldorf but also from different parts of the world. This will take a whole new experience for each tourist that would visit the museums.

The Jazz Festival

This makes your stay in Dusseldorf a memorable one. With the excellent line up activities in the different venues, there is a chance that things will come to an amazing result. Through the use of exciting activities, there is  a sure way that each visitor will enjoy the event. The new line of activities provides a good way to create fun and laughter while enjoying each of the activities. Each of the participants will have the chance to witness different kinds of culture as the activities will be full of excitement as dances and fireworks make up the event.

The Book Festival

If you are a book lover, the Book Festival in Dusseldorf will certainly turn you around as different kinds of books are being showcased there. The books not only a part of Germany but other countries as well. With a lot of  books, there is a chance for the participants to enjoy the festivlal as other events will also follow. This will mark a spectacular event that is not only made for book lovers but also to people who are interested in books.

Home and Garden

Dusseldorf will bring you closer to nature in the late week of June as the Home and Garden Activities is mad an amazing one. This will make the most of your Dusseldorf experience a cool and happy one. This will make each vacation a great one by experiencing the beauty of nature and making the most of the adventure trip a good one.  The trees and the mountains will sure be a great one as many visitors line up to experience the major event. Dusseldorf makes the ideal place for fair and tradeshows. If you are on tour, it would be a good one to visit and enjoy the activities. Besides, making your tour an amazing one is a good experience to make.


When it comes to healthcare, Dusseldorf will never be left out, considering the fact that there are a lot of hospitals in this place with unmatched level of service and state of the art equipment. The hospitals listed above are hospitals that aims to extend the lives of people. They also aim to allow people to live their life to the fullest by treating them to the best that they can.
  • Marien Hospital Dusseldorf

This hospital is conveniently located in the heart of the city. It has 439 beds and treats thousands of patients annually. They are best known for their high performance medicine and with that, they are called the center or science. Under the Catholic sponsorship, they run the hospital with the thought of charity on mind, which can be seen on the way their provide treatment to their clients. One notable thing about this hospital is that they have brought together the best specialist clinics when it comes to the modern treatment and diagnostic of illnesses such as neurology, restoration surgery, ophthalmology, anesthesia, oncology, accident surgery, radiotherapy and others. With that being said, they have truly made healthcare services accessible to the residents of Dusseldorf.
  • Vincent’s Hospital

This hospital offers therapy sessions to both inpatient and outpatients. Annually, they treat about 30,000 patients with more than 300 beds available in their facility. Just like Marien Hospital Dusseldorf, this hospital also runs under catholic sponsorship and because of that, they are also highly committed to Christian charity. They offer a wide range of treatment and diagnosis services. Their specialists focuses on 3 main areas, which are orthopedics, pain therapy for chronic pain specifically and internal medicine, where they treat patients who are suffering from gastrointestinal tract diseases. This hospital also contains various clinics including radiology, anesthesia, orthopedics, viscera surgery and spine & pain. They have also partnered up with a dental implant clinic and cooperated with 5 acute-care hospitals, nursing home and a rehabilitation clinic, ensuring their patients that they would be able to acquire their needed services from them as far as their health is concerned.
  • Augusta Hospital

This acute-care hospital has over a hundred beds treating over 24,000 patients annually. This hospital also offers tons of training opportunities for both nursing staffs and physicians. They offer services that meets the highest level and latest standards of the industry. They are more than capable of offering a wide range of treatments with their huge number of internal specialist clinics including operative intensive care, anesthesia, visceral surgery, cardiology, conservative intensive care, rhythmology, vascular surgery, and endocrine surgery, . One thing that distinguishes them from other hospitals is that their surgical techniques are special and minimally invasive. They also use video cameras and endoscopes when it comes to performing vascular and abdominal surgeries. The listed hospitals are just some of the hospitals in Dusseldorf that are known for their top notch services, good reputation and high level of satisfaction rating.


•Can I travel with a hand baggage?

Yes, you can. If you are going to travel with only a hand baggage and if you own a boarding card, at the airport, you can proceed straight to the security.

A taxi will cost you approximately 40 Euros while a ticket for a single train will cost you 3.30 Euros.

Yes. The SkyTrain is a public transport system which will transport you even at night.

Unfortunately, only taxis and buses are allowed at the arrival area.

Yes, you need to have a ticket and it is available in all VRR stops.

It will only take you 12 minutes with the city train and 15 minutes with a taxi or a car.

Yes, you may have and you can check the Dusseldorf Airport’s website on how to do it.

Check-in desk opens ca. 3 hours before the departure.

Check-in desk closes strictly ca. 1 hour to 40 minutes before the departure.

Anyone can shop as long as he/she has a valid boarding pass.

Yes, you can when you have not been satisfied with it within 90 days of purchase and make sure to bring the sales receipt.

No, you cannot. You can only enter or leave the park car once.

You cannot. It is a non-smoking airport but there are designated smoker lounges inside the departure gates’ security area.

Dusseldorf Coordinates. Map and find the location with a GPS


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When travelling to Dusseldorf, of course, it is inevitable for one to stay in a hotel or spend some time in a resort. After all, there are tons of hotels and resort in the place, offering great amenities and services as well. Listed below are some of them.

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Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf
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This hotel is the perfect place for both leisure and business purposes. Cool refreshments are also available at this hotel. Also, the cuisines offered here are presented with elegance and that makes the stay here worth it.

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duesseldorf-old-town 150% Discount
Altstadt is known as the ‘longest bar in the world’ and you can discover its beauty and history through this tour. In this guided tour, you will be discovering the numerous cafes, restaurants and more of the town along the 260 bars it has. Stroll through its lanes that are picturesque with an expert guide to tour you around.
duesseldorf points of interest
per person$450.00
Whenever we visit a place, we would want to tour every corner of the place especially if that place is the Dusseldorf. But if you have only 1 day to tour around, you would want to make the best of it. TO make sure that you will, it would be a good idea to get one of the tours where you can see the best of what Dusseldorf has to offer in just one day.
per person$450.00
Your trip will start at 11 am at Hetjens Museum. You will be given an hour and a half to sightsee the displays in there and learn their history if you want to. You will then be walking for almost 4 minutes going to your next destination, which is in Heinrich Heine Institut. Your guide will tour you here for a maximum of 2 hours. Right after that, you will walk more approximately more than 5 minutes to the next destination. In Konigsallee you have an hour to tour the attraction and take whatever photo you like. From here, you will have to walk for more than 10 minutes going to St. Lambertus. You have an hour and a half to stay and be solemn and enjoy the view, takes snapshots of the area and more. After this, your trip will come to its end there at 5:20 pm.